Step 1 – Configure Simple Connect in Xtralogic Remote Desktop client

Go to Menu > Settings > Simple Connect Settings. Check the Enable Simple Connect checkbox and enter a Google email address and password and press OK. The app will immediately try to connect to the Google Talk server. The result of the connection attempt will be shown as a pop-up message.
Any Google account can be used with Simple Connect. You also can create a separate account just for Simple Connect.
If 2-step verification is configured for a Google account being used with Simple Connect, an application specific password will need to be generated and used with Simple Connect. For more information on signing in using application-specific passwords with 2-step verification see Google support article Signing in using application-specific passwords.

Step 2 – Configure Remote Desktop (RDP or VNC) on the remote computer

Follow one of the following links for the operating system on the remote computer and the desired protocol.

Step 3 – Configure RDC Companion on the remote computer

Download and install Xtralogic RDC Companion application on the computer you are going to connect to. After you installed and launched it, right click on the RDC Companion icon in the notification area of the taskbar and select Settings in the context menu.
On the General tab, set the Google account email address and password you are going to use with Simple Connect.
On the Connections tab, select the protocols you want to expose the computer through. For VNC you can specify a non-default port. An RDP port does not need to be set, even if it is non-default, it will be obtained from the OS.
Click on Test button for each selected protocol and make sure that test successfully completes with a success message printed in green font. Click OK to save the settings.
Right click on the RDC Companion icon again and select Connect in the context menu. If the connection to Google server was successful, an entry corresponding to the computer where you installed RDC Companion will appear in the Xtralogic RDC on your mobile device.